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Moblehome and RV InsuranceWhat could be more fun than heading out for a family vacation or weekend in your home away from home? Coverage is available to protect you from liability while on the road, and to replace or repair your “rig” if damaged. Rates can be based on number of days used yearly.

RV/Motorhome Coverages can be similar to an automobile policy. You may also purchase contents coverage.

Trailers are very inexpensive to insure – the liability coverage is usually assigned to the towing vehicle, so you are really just paying for damage to the trailer itself. Again, contents coverage is available.

Insurance Coverage for your Boat includes much more than protection for the hull and motor. Liability coverage is included to protect you from lawsuit in the event of an accident, uninsured boater coverage can pay for injuries caused by an uninsured boater, and coverage is available for fishing and ski equipment.

Coverage for some small boats – rowboats or canoes, can be included in your homeowners policy. However if you have a larger boat there is no protection. Jet Skis can often be covered under your homeowners policy – but beware – a claim will then count against your homeowners policy and could have serious consequences on your home insurance rate and eligibility. We strongly suggest that you insure water vehicles separate from your home insurance.

Off Road Vehicles include dirt bikes, mini-bikes, ATV’s and golf carts. Coverage for these vehicles is essential. Many riders mistakenly believe that their homeowners insurance provides protection. This may be the case if the vehicle never leaves the home premises, but no coverage exists if the vehicle ever crosses the property boundry. In some cases, these vehicles can be added to your motorcycle for excellent multi-bike rates.

Coverage options are similar to auto and motorcycles.


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