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We love Motorcycles – as the current owners of 4 bikes, maybe we’ll see you on the road. Karen is a regular insurance columnist for Ridin On’Motorcycle Magazine and is available to speak to your motorcycle group on a variety of topics free of charge. This is not a high pressure sales presentation – just a chance to support the motorcycling community that has supported us.

We insure every kind of bike – sport and street bikes, self assembled/kit motorcycles, antique, stock and customized – even trikes. We work with 8 different motorcycle companies to insure competitive rates and excellent coverage. Much of the coverage information for motorcycles is the same as for autos, so please refer to that tab. However, the items below are unique to motorcycle insurance.

Guest Medical Coverage – This coverage protects you if you are found responsible for injuring a passenger. Caution: The definition of Guest Passenger varies greatly from company to company, and usually excludes family or household members.

Medical/Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Unfortunately these coverages can be quite expensive for motorcyclists, so many riders decline this important coverage. Limited medical coverage can be purchased up to $25,000. In Kentucky, PIP is available starting at the $10,000 level.

Accessories/Customization – Be sure your chrome, bags, special paint and other extras are covered. Keep in mind – some companies offer NO accessory coverage, many include a small amount ($1000 or $3000) with more available for purchase.

Off Road Vehicles include dirt bikes, mini-bikes, ATV’s and golf carts. Coverage for these vehicles is essential. Many riders mistakenly believe that their homeowners insurance provides protection. This may be the case if the vehicle never leaves the home premises, but no coverage exists if the vehicle ever crosses the property boundry. In some cases, these vehicles can be added to your motorcycle for excellent multi-bike rates.

Coverage options are similar to auto and motorcycles.

Trailers are very inexpensive to insure – the liability coverage is usually assigned to the towing vehicle, so you are really just paying for damage to the trailer itself. Again, contents coverage is available.


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