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The Diehl Insurance Story

Eric Diehl started his insurance career in 1990 as an agent with one of the largest insurance companies in the nation. Karen obtained her Ohio insurance license in 1993 and joined the agency full time in 1997. The office moved to the current location in 2000. Due to high demand, the agency expanded to offer insurance for Kentucky in 2003.

The Diehls are business members of the KMRO motorcycle club, and members of the Ohio Valley Region of the Porsche Club of American. In their spare time, Eric enjoys driving his 1967 Porsche 911, riding his motorcycle, and playing with son Reed. Karen also enjoys the car and bike, as well as cooking and reading. Karen is the insurance columnist for Ridin’ On Motorcycle Magazine. The family lives in Camp Dennison, OH.

Diehl Insurance
10072 Lincoln Road
Cincinnati, OH 45111
Phone:513 965-0003
Fax:513 965-0115

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