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While the basic parts of a collector, antiq

ue or exotic car are similar to the standard auto policy coverage, you need more for your collector auto. Our policies are tailored to our toys – with an understanding that they are usually driven seasonally on nice days only and priced accordingly. Our Classic Car and Historical Vehicle InsuranceAgreed Value Policy means that if your special car is totaled in an accident, you receive the full insured amount – with no after-the-fact value investigation. Also, these policies pay the higher labor rates charged by restoration shops for special vehicles and are not limited to “usual and customary” labor rate restrictions found on standard auto policies. Stock vehicles can be insured with zero deductible, while you may choose a deductible level for Modified or Exotic vehicles. Due to the nature of this program – good driving records are a requirement, and all drivers in the household must be disclosed.

Important Alert: Common misconception – collector car owners often mistakenly believe that their homeowners policy covers their car while it is in winter storage. This is not the case! Home insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for motorized vehicles such as cars. So do not cancel coverage on your special car during the winter. You want to continue protection against fire, storm damage, and theft and vandalism during the off-season.

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